Tickets as a gift

As Christmas approaches, we'll all be forced to think of interesting and/or unusual gift ideas for our loved ones so that we don't end up purchasing yet another pair of socks or cookbook, and one that's often overlooked is a ticket to a gig or show.

Rather than buying someone something they don't want or need, why not give them something they'll remember, like a ticket to see their favourite band or a ticket to a West End show? Our tickets cover many different types of events, including standard gigs, festivals, West End shows and everything in between.

I'm pretty sure most of us would prefer an experience rather than another pair of socks!

If you manage to get a ticket to a show that your loved one would genuinely love to see, you'll not only be making someone super happy, but giving them a gift that provides memories that'll potentially last forever. If you're struggling for ideas, use the search function at the top of each page and get your loved ones a cheap ticket this Christmas. If you're unsure what to look for, go to our what's on section and browse tickets by location and date. Simple!